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Credit Cards

Our Best Credit Card Offers, Personalized for You.

Lenny Credit has partnered with LendingTree to bring you the very best credit card offers, personalized for your credit history and scores.

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Learn with Lenny.

Did you know:

  • Having multiple lines of credit can actually improve your credit score
  • Waiting 3-6 months between credit applications helps protect your credit
  • Applying for more than one credit offer at a time can harm your credit

Let Lenny help you learn about credit.

We offer free credit education tools and personalized guidance to improve your future credit score, and make the most of the score you have today.

Questions to ask when you’re choosing a new credit card:

When you’re considering credit card offers, ask if the credit card:

  • Requires processing fees or application fees.
  • Requires a security deposit.
  • Reports regularly to major credit bureaus.
  • Requires the payment of an annual fee.
  • Offers a competitive APR/interest rate.
  • Offers any perks, like cash back, airline miles or intro interest rates.