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Staying true to our mission, applying will not hurt your credit score.
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2016 Finalist JP Morgan Chase Financial Solutions Lab
2016 Winner Discover Money 20/20 FinTech Scholarship
2016 Finalist PayPal SXSW Presented by Village Capital

Lenny’s impact on credit scores

averages 61 pts in 9 months with a max improvement of 253 pts!

*Data based on a sample of 856 active users who made their payments on time and in full.*

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Get a credit decision instantly for a credit line between $100 - $1000 at interest rates as low as 7.9% APR.

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Transfer money, instantly, from your Lenny credit line to your bank account or debit card.**

Watch your Credit Score Grow!

Lenny guides you toward a great credit score while rewarding you with balance increases for good behavior.

People love Lenny Credit!

Over 100,000 downloads and a 94% satisfaction rating!

*Data based on a sample of 550 users surveyed between January 1-30, 2017.*

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“I’m finally making progress on building my credit history. Lenny is a great solution to a growing problem.”

Austin Ryde

“I'm so happy a friend referred me to Lenny. Last year, renting an apartment was difficult. Thanks to Lenny, this year it was easy.”

Devin FullerUCLA Football Star

“As a foreigner, this app is amazing. Lenny has given me the tools to understand the credit building process, expedite it, and maintain a healthy FICO score.”

Leonardo O.Expat

“I just wish I knew about this app before wasting thousands on credit repair. Within two months of using Lenny, my score went from a 492 to a 653.”

Jeff H.App Store Review

Build Credit. Earn Rewards.

Earn Points

Earn Lenny Points for taking actions to improve your credit score.

Balance Increases

Use Lenny Points to unlock balance increases for your Lenny credit line.

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Instant Access To Funds

Instantly transfer funds from your credit line to your bank or debit card.**

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Be Confident in Your Future for Just $2/month

For less than the price of a parking meter, you can save tens of thousands of dollars during your lifetime.

Instant Approval

Sign up in just three minutes and access your credit line instantly.


Rates as low as 7.9% APR, even if you have no credit history.

Free Credit Score

Access to your official FICO® Score for free!

Transfer Anytime, Anywhere

Withdraw from your credit line whenever, wherever.


We offer personalized guidance to help your make the most of your current credit score.

Learn Credit

Take charge of your future with our free financial education tools. Knowledge is power.

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Learn with Lenny

Credit education they didn’t teach you in school.

Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

If it’s that simple, then why is getting a high score so hard? Learn the ins and outs of building credit all in one place.

How to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards are the easiest way to establish and build a good credit score, so consider these ways to use your credit card wisely and reap the rewards.

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance

Being knowledgeable about money management, budgeting and finance is no guarantee of success in life. But ignorance about such concepts often comes at great cost.

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