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Credit Scores

What is you true credit score? featured
08 Mar
What is Your True Credit Score?

The CFPB recently ordered fines on two credit bureaus for misleading consumers about the credit scores they offered. So what is your real credit score?...

Credit Score iPad Man Hands
07 Feb
Building Good Credit: What Are Your Options?

Climbing from a shaky 550 credit score to something solid over 700 feels daunting, because building credit can be tricky.  WIthout a credit card, it’s hard to build good credit history, and yet without good credit history, it’s hard to qualify for a credit card....

Marriage, FInances and Credit Scores
19 Dec
How Married Life Can Impact Your Credit Score

Most people are unaware of their partner’s credit history and what impact it is likely to have on their own credit score until it is too late. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news....