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Millennial-Focused Lending Application Lenny Announces Partnership with Dwolla and New Funding

Lenny is on a great path to make it easier for college students to start building their credit history in a responsible way.


This Fintech App Underwrote 1000 Lines of Credit in 3 Weeks

With nearly an entire generation effectively ignoring their credit score, the need for a way to productively build credit is higher than ever before. Lenny is providing the first peer-to-peer lending app that allows Millennials and other smartphone users to build their credit through transactions with people they trust. Rather than turning to banks, who have been less than trustworthy as of late, Lenny users can build financial stability with help from family and friends.

Fast Company

As Feds Crack Down On Payday Lenders, Fintech Startups See An Opportunity

``I applaud what the CFPB is doing,`` says Joe Bayen, cofounder and CEO of a fintech startup called Lenny, which offers young borrowers credit lines up to $1,000 and a chance to improve their credit scores through a partnership with FICO. ``We offer increasing balances based on how a user behaves. Everything is aimed at upward mobility and helping people.``


Students used to leave college with two artifacts of their first experiments with credit — free T-shirts and, for better or worse, a credit file. Today they are leaving without either.

Since students were no longer exposed to credit cards, a large swath of them could no longer start building their credit history at an early age, which is an important component of the FICO score,`` said Joe Bayen, chief executive and founder of Lenny, a startup that is looking to extend credit to young people. ``Though banks used to offer excessive interest rates, it still gave an opportunity for students to build a credit history.


You’re Young and You Don’t Use Credit Cards. Here’s How to Build Your Score: A strong credit history is essential. Millennials, your student debt finally comes in handy.

A sort of microlender that reports your payments to two of the three major credit bureaus, Lenny can help you build your credit score and can be a cheaper way to get emergency funds than going to a payday lender or getting hit with multiple overdraft fees.

Bankless Times

The company behind an app offering credit lines to millennials is partnering with FICO to provide students and post-grads with their FICO Score.

By providing FICO® Scores to young adults, Lenny is demonstrating its leadership and commitment to this important group of people as they embark on their financial journeys.


Lenny Loves Dwolla: Digital Payment Network Helps Bring Microloans to Millennials

Lenny focuses on providing microloans (up to $500 initially) to college-age students, using their educational background in general and their GPAs in specific, to help establish creditworthiness.

Lending Times

Lenny, the first app to offer credit lines to Millennials, announced today a partnership with FICO.

As young people move through life, access to financial services becomes increasingly important. It’s crucial that they receive the kind of education and service that Lenny provides in order to understand their creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders.

Crowdfund Insider

Fintech Goes to School: Lenny Links with FICO, Provides Credit Scores to Millennial Students

Lenny aims to make financial empowerment a key focus, not an afterthought, for a generation often overlooked by financial institutions and products.

Lenny: Building Sound Credit Among the Young and Mending Credit Missteps of Youth

Lenny drills deep to gain a complete picture of a Millennial applicant. After they determine a young person’s credit risk, Lenny shares solid personal finance advice a Millennial can take to the bank.

Business Wire
Millennial-Focused Lending Application Lenny Announces Partnership with Dwolla and New Funding

The company also positions itself as a personal finance education platform, dedicated to regularly posting credit score improvement tips and guidance on their blog.

Payment Week

Lenny Partnered with Dwolla to Give GPA Based Credit to Students

Lenny is a new app that plans to target the millennial generation’s borrowing needs. To make it even easier to disburse loans to its tech savvy customers, Lenny has partnered with Dwolla.

Low Cards
Lenny and Dwolla Combine to Help Millennials Get Credit

Lenny plans to focus on assessing students' credit worthiness using criteria such as their educational background, particularly their GPAs.

Built In Los Angeles
Would You Pay your Friends with Micro-Loans? New LA App Makes it a Possibility

Lenny is a peer-to-peer payment sharing app with a huge twist — they issue loans.

UCLA’s Daily Bruin
Lenny, the Instant Credit Line for College Students that Builds Credit Scores

The fact that companies such as Lenny are finally addressing low student credit scores is a breath of a fresh air.