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Millennials spend $600 billion annually in the US, according to a recently-released study published by Accenture. But, courting them as customers comes with its challenges. Unlike older generations, the average Millennial is both unlikely to have a credit card and likely to have bad credit.

As Millennials have emerged into the working world, many have shunned credit cards. A 2014 Bankrate survey found that 63% of millennials do not have a credit card, and Experian reported, in 2015, that the average Millennial has a credit score of just 625.

How do stores tap into this market of 80 million Millennials?


Billion Spent Every Year


of Total Retail Purchases


Average Credit Score

How do stores tap into this market of 80 million Millennials whose spending is projected to reach $1.4 trillion, or 30% of total retail sales, in just three years?

The answer, with previous generations, has always been to offer credit.

But, with 43% of Millennials possessing subprime credit scores, and low, or no credit histories, they frequently get rejected when they apply for credit. And, then, the vicious cycle ensues where Millennials cannot get the credit they need to build credit at all. So, they give up.

When Millennials get rejected for your retail credit card, do you just send them away?

In the past, retailers have been forced to do just that. And that hurts – they risk losing those customers to their competitors, or losing Millennial sales, and loyalty, altogether.

A New Option

Partner with Lenny and Help your Shoppers Build their Credit.

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Now, there’s a new option. With Lenny Credit’s credit building and repair programs, you can refer Millennials to us when they’ve been rejected on their retail credit card applications. Now, instead of just saying “no”, retailers can tell Millennials “maybe later, and here’s the help you need to get approved next time.”

Lenny Credit was founded to teach Millennials about credit, and help them build their credit histories, by setting up small loans with automated payment schedules. Millennials borrow money from us; they build their credit, and their credit score improves. And, when that score grows high enough, they come back to you, ready to reapply for your retail credit card.

But, what’s in it for the stores?

Customers with retail credit cards spend more, and visit stores more often. Simply put, retail credit cards offer consumers more buying power. But, beyond the value of increased sales and customer loyalty, retail credit cards also offer retailers data on their customers.

With customer-specific transaction histories, stores can better understand their shoppers, increase engagement, and target their discounts more effectively. And that’s important to Millennials. Accenture reports that 95% of Millennials seek out brands that actively court them, through targeted discounts and messages sent through email and social media.

Lenny Helps Millennials Build Credit, and Helps you Build Loyalty to your Brand.  

Partner with Us

Help Millennials build their credit – responsibly, and they’ll come back to you. Retail credit cards help Millennials build their financial standing. Retail credit cards help Millennials purchase more from the stores they love. Retail credit cards help you foster a sense of loyalty in your Millennial shoppers by providing them with the purchasing power they need, and allowing you to increase their levels of engagement and satisfaction by providing them with a more customized retail experience.

So, the next time you’re forced to reject a retail credit card application from one of your Millennial shoppers, wouldn’t you rather tell them – “maybe later, and here’s some help” than just a flat-out “no, sorry?”  Partner with Lenny Credit and let’s create your next generation of loyal shoppers together.

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