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I’m finally making progress on building my credit history. Lenny is a great solution to a growing problem.- Lindsey M., Newport Beach


Think Venmo, but you're building credit while doing it!- Austin Ryde


I am so happy that I found Lenny.- Devin Fuller (UCLA football star)

I'm so glad I found this app! I've been debating on getting a credit card for so long, and now, I don't have to! Lenny makes it so easy for me to build my credit. I can finally get a loan for my dream car once I get out of college! Thanks Lenny!— Amanda Greenbaum

Lenny is perfect for those big concert purchases or apartment bill payments with the certainty of low interest rates. Knowing there are no crazy high interest rates along with the fact it improves credit scores makes this app a must have!— Ragini B.

This new app is so dope! Think Venmo, but you're building credit while doing it! I know as a young adult, it's almost impossible to get a credit card and build credit, because you don't have any to start with. This is the solution!— Austin Ryde

I am so happy that I found Lenny. I wanted to send money to some of my friends for paying for some of my meals but I did not have money for it at the time. Lenny gave me the opportunity to pay them back right away and then I paid back Lenny when I had the money. It was a great deal for me!— Devin Fuller (UCLA football star)

Your support team is awesome with the prompt responses and the personal phone conversation with you!— John M.

I downloaded the app immediately when I saw it on Facebook. I needed and have been looking for something like this as I'm trying to improve my score. This is wonderful.— Chris B.

Lenny is the perfect app for the new generation of students entering college. Peer to peer payments have grown to become a necessity in the life of a college student, and by including the additional benefit of increasing credit score with every transaction, Lenny has not only helped make my life easier now, but will continue to set me up for success in the future. As an on-the-go college student on a tight budget , Lenny’s access to instantaneous micro loans and familiar interface have made every day life much easier. I strongly believe that every college student could benefit by both now and in the future by using Lenny; just as I have.— Matt Muldavin

Lenny is a truly brilliant idea. By being able to make peer to peer payment using credit, I can build my credit score while also waiting until after I get my pay checks to pay back my friends! It’s interface is super easy and only took me a few minutes to get comfortable with. I highly suggest Lenny for any college student, especially those without any form of prior credit history!— Austin Brines

Awesome! I have shared it with a couple friends. I am just trying to build my credit.— OP

Simple, beneficial and legit!— Danny J.

This was the best credit terms I could find.. I was approved and have been able to pay friends and others very easily from the app.— Jason Y.

The automatic payments make life super easy and every month it's reported to the major agencies so essentially I'm improving my credit with no effort. It's a win win and must have for anyone wanting to build credit.— Rasheed R.