Why Does Your Credit Score Matter So Much? • Lenny Credit
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Why Does Your Credit Score Matter So Much?

Buying a car

Large purchases usually require a loan. With a healthy credit your interest is much lower, making that new car more affordable.


Insurance companies give their lowest rates to the most reliable, responsible people–a good credit score is one of the indicators they use to determine your dependability.

Getting a job

Employers often look at credit history in their background checks. Having a great credit score is one way of proving your accountability, and having a bad one can be a red flag that gives another candidate the edge.

Buying a house

Applying for a lease is more or less impossible without any credit history. Start building up good credit now to be able to get that great new home as soon as you’re ready for it.

Some things can’t wait

When you need supplies now, but payday is still a week away, you're covered with Lenny.

Good credit makes life easier

Lenny helps you build a financial foundation that makes for more opportunities and less hassle.